Friday, October 9, 2009

gUd neWs..hePi...=))

today i g interview...eventho dat interview suppose kul12pm tp ade sket mslah kul130pm baru i smpai..hehehe...but mr.steven (da guy yg interview i) very2 kind person..i da dtg lmbt cmni pn sket die x bsig..very gentle n softspoken..wats da gud news??emmmm...of coz la i get dat job..thanx GOD..i feel so hepi..wif my bad attitude cmni pn dpt gak keje..thanx 2 mr.steven also..n 2morow he need my cmfirmation either i want dat job or not..i pn cm da pkr msk2 je ni i accept dat job.. org tue2 ckp xbaik kn tolak 2morow i must kol him n give the cmfirmation..."mr.steven,i want dat job"..hehehe.....excitednye i kn...=))

but dat still hv some problem here...
i) transpot
ii) either i need find da new house or not
iii) when i shud stat my job
p/s: 1 of my housemate not coming yet...die ni mrajuk ke ape...????

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